About Certified

Outside of major oil producers and refiners, Certified is among the largest lubrication and industrial maintenance companies in the world. Customers around the globe depend on the extensive lubrication and maintenance product line and expertise available from Certified. Our value offer includes:

  • - Broad industrial strength and high quality product line
  • - Superior raw materials and strict specifications for manufacturing
  • - Heavy duty grease, premium bulk oil and improvers
  • - Extensive laboratory research and development
  • - Thorough field testing
  • - Sales and technical support worldwide
  • - Value-added maintenance programs
  • - Testing, scheduling and reporting services
  • - Fuel quality assurance products, specialty products and aerosols

- From manufacturing and food-processing plants to heavy-equipment operators and transportation companies, thousands of businesses rely on Certified to protect equipment and improve efficiency.

Certified is a division of NCH Corporation, a maintenance, repair and supply business that operates in over 50 countries in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Around the globe and around the clock, businesses rely on NCH and its 10,000 associates to keep their operations running smoothly and their clients satisfied.

Please visit www.nch.com to learn more about the Corporation

NCH India is a 100% subsidiary of NCH Corporation, Dallas, Texas, USA



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